Kim Wyman, Secretary of State & former Thurston County Auditor

Sam Reed, former Secretary of State & former Thurston County Auditor

Ralph Munro, former Secretary of State

Gerry Alexander, former Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court

Andrew Barkis, 2nd Legislative District Representative

Randi Becker, 2nd Legislative District Representative

Gary Alexander, former Thurston County Auditor

Jeff Kingsbury, former Olympia City Councilman

Dave Pearsall, Fire Commissioner, Thurston County Fire District #13 Griffin

Judy Wilson, Fire Commissioner, Lacey Fire District #3

Valerie Walston, Elections Director, County of Sonoma

Heather Hirotaka

Sandra Miller

Pat Beehler

Shannon Vernon

Susan and Scott Ritter

Kevin O’Sullivan

Stewart Ridgeway

Allen Hayward

Jerry Barney

Bill Foppiano

Elizabeth (Nan) Stricklin