Stuart Holmes' Biography

I will use my years of proven experience, leadership, and award-winning best practices to ensure our systems remain safe and accessible, restore a nonpartisan approach to decision making and eliminate wasteful spending.

Professional  Experience

I have worked in various roles in public administration for the last 13 years, including 9 years in a leadership role.

I began working in a County Auditor’s Office and quickly learned about each function of the office. After 9 years, I was hired at the Secretary of State’s Office and have been working there for the last 4 years protecting our critical election systems.

I am a nationally and state certified election administrator and I am recognized for my contributions to the profession, including participating in studies of auditable elections, helping draft voting system guidelines, and best practices in accessible voting technology.

In 2011, I was awarded the Elections Employee of the Year. In 2014, I was appointed by Secretary of State Kim Wyman to represent the State of Washington on the Election Assistance Commission Standards Board. In 2017, I lead a project that was awarded a national best practice award for elections accessibility.

I serve on several boards and working groups to improve our elections including:

  • Election Assistance Commission Standards Board
  • National Federation of the Blind – Mobile Voting Working Group
  • Election Center Cybersecurity Task Force
  • NIST Voting System Security Working Group
  • NIST Common Data Format Working Groups

Personal  Biography

I am married to my beautiful wife, Stephina. We have a miniature dachshund, Remi. Together we enjoy photography, backpacking, and spending time with our friends and family.

I was raised in a small town by a father who worked 7 days a week as a factory mechanic and a mother who chose a career in IT during a time when there weren’t very many women in IT, and grandparents who were every bit loving and caring as they were disciplined and strict.

I have three sisters, including a twin sister. Anyone who has sisters themselves will understand how well that has prepared me for political office. No one can throw anything at me that my sisters haven’t already tried.

As a kid I dreamed of being a fireman or policeman. I wanted to be a protector. Defend what is right from what is wrong. As I began to follow in my mother’s footsteps in public administration, I realized my role. My passion. I want to protect and defend our communities, ensure they get what they need, and ensure that their tax dollars don’t go to waste.

Awards and Certifications

  • Washington State Certified Elections Administrator
  • Certified Election and Registration Administrator from Auburn University
  • 2017 Election Assistance Commission “Clearie” Best Practice Award Winner
  • 2011 Washington State Elections Employee of the Year