County Auditor's

Role and Responsibilities

I am the only candidate for County Auditor with working experience in protecting our critical systems from cyber attacks, with award-winning best practices in accessibility, budget and financial experience at the state and county level, and hands-on experience in document recording and vehicle licensing.


The County Auditor is responsible for conducting elections, voter registration, issuing vehicle and vessel licenses, issuing marriage licenses, recording real property documents, deeds and titles, and financial reporting for the County.

The Elections Department administers all federal, state, county, and local elections. Elections also manages voter registration, candidate filing, issuing and processing vote-by-mail ballots, and conducts voter outreach. The Auditor is also responsible for ensuring that our election system remains safe, secure, and accessible to all voters.

The Recording Department stores the public record for all real estate documents, deeds and titles transacted in Thurston County and issues marriage licenses. Although public documents, it is critical that the recording system is secured and our sensitive documents are properly protected.

The Licensing Department is an agent for the Washington State Department of Licensing. Licensing is responsible for issuing licenses and tabs for vehicles and vessels and processing title transfers. Additionally, this department monitors and reviews transaction activity at all of the local business operating as vehicle licensing sub-agents within Thurston County.

The Financial Services Department provides all County departments with accounting, accounts payable, payroll, grants management, and financial accounting and reporting, including preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.