April Update: Endorsements and Campaign Kickoff

Endorsements keep rolling in.

During the first week of the campaign Stuart has received endorsements from many current and former elected officials, including two former Thurston County Auditors. To name just a few:

  • Kim Wyman, Secretary of State and former Thurston County Auditor
  • Sam Reed, former Secretary of State and former Thurston County Auditor
  • Ralph Munro, former Secretary of State
  • Andrew Barkis, Representative for 2nd Legislative District

Campaign Kickoff Breakfast.

The campaign for Stuart Holmes for Thurston County Auditor officially kicked off on April 25th at the Hotel RL in Olympia. The event was attended by elected officials, a bipartisan group of community leaders, friends, and family.

“Before the incumbent took office, Thurston County was consistently amongst the top ten counties in our state.” Stuart said in his remarks. “Now, in just 4 years, we rank as the 6th worst in the state in election performance.”

Stuart also spoke about wasteful spending “Administrative costs have INCREASED by well over $200,000 per year. That is enough money to have paid for postage for every ballot returned by mail in Thurston County since 2012!”

Stuart speaking at his campaign kickoff event

Experience Matters.

Stuart Holmes has experience and leadership in cybersecurity to ensure our election system remains safe. Remember our election data isn’t the only target. Consider what is available through our land and marriage records. Real estate property ownership records, military discharge documents, Power of Attorney documents, and marriage certificates are all recorded in the Auditor’s Office.

“I am the only candidate for County Auditor with working experience in protecting our critical systems from cyber attacks, with award-winning best practices in accessibility, budget and financial experience at the state and county level, and hands-on experience in document recording and vehicle licensing.”