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Being an elected official is about public service, not self-service. The County Auditor is elected to serve every member of our community, not just those who are in the same political party.

As an independent County Auditor, I will end the partisan games and start solving problems and focus on improving the services for our community. This includes reducing rising administrative costs, accountability of fees collected that go towards ending homelessness and affordable housing, and securing our voting system.

Critical Services - New Efficiencies Needed



One of the most important responsibilities for any public official is to be completely transparent and provide the public with their rightful information. A comprehensive solution may not be possible right away, however significant steps forward can be done immediately.

I would leverage existing technology and open government best practices to make the Thurston County Auditor’s Office a model for others to follow.

Additionally, I would immediately institute risk-limiting audits for our elections that would be observable to the public. These would give the public evidence that the election results are accurate.



Public administration requires a strong leader with integrity to ensure that our values come first. I have worked tirelessly to have our values represented at the national, state, and local level in critical topics that include cybersecurity, accessibility, end-to-end verifiable elections, and automatic voter registration.

Being independent from the political parties, I would be accountable to only the people of Thurston County.

I believe government should be held to a higher standard. I want to reinvent the government customer experience. Together we can ensure the your government represents you and is constantly improving.

Housing Crisis - How the County Auditor Can Help



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